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Dear Fitness Backpackers,

The reason why you have visited this website is that you are probably interested in staying (or getting) fit while travelling. Fitness Backpacker on top of a vulcanoWe have some common ground here. From a young age I was always interested in practising sport. However, it wasn’t until I enrolled at the local fitness club that I have started to change my lifestyle. Since that enrolment, there was not one day in my life in which I felt sick! I began to be more conscious about the food that we are eating and the stressors that have a negative impact on our life quality. For example, a good night sleep is as important as good nutrition. I firmly believe that nourishing your body with good nutrition and exercise will lead to an healthy body and mind. Consequently, feeling good and healthy is a good foundation for a successful life in work and school. Throughout my life I have inspired many people in changing their life in various subjects. This website is my portal to the world in which I try to inspire others to stay fit while travelling the world!

After graduating from University I have decided to fulfil one of my lifelong dreams and explore the world. At the same time I had the will to work out now and then (if it was possible). Subsequently, I did some desk research and as a result I could not find many gyms in Asia. At that moment, I came with an idea: “Let’s structure the gyms that I visit in one awesome website, so that others will have more ease finding a gym. At the same time I can help the local gyms promoting themselves to a different audience, the backpacker”.  Not unimportant, I hope to provide people with more information than the gyms alone. I have always had the urge to do something back for the community and with this website I hope I can give something back to the world.

I sincerely hope that I can inspire many travellers with this website. My goal is to make it easier for you to find the gyms in Asia, as I know from experience that it can be troublesome. This will remove the searching constraint for you, and I hope many backpackers will be motivated to work-out while travelling.


Kind regards,



PS: I am more than happy to receive comments and answer questions. You can contact me through my email: info@fitnessbackpacker.com

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