How To Stay Healthy While Traveling (1)

While travelling in Asia, you don’t always have the luxury to have a Gym in your surroundings. Moreover, there might be moments that you are bored of working out and are searching for a new thrill. I experienced this and did several cool outdoor activities.

Today I will highlight the benefits of moving your feets while travelling.

(1) Walking

As a  backpacker I made many miles on my shoes. To be honest, I really love walking. When you walk, you see so much more than when you are in a car or on a motorbike. Walking really relaxes your mind and at the same time you can have a nice chit chat with your friends. If we look at our “cavemen” ancestors all they did was walking all day. They were searching for their prey and berries while on their two feet. They did not call this exercise, but just walking it, as it was part of their life. Nowadays, many people are sitting too much, which implies the need to bring back walking back to our routine.

Walking has numerous health benefits and it is one of the most underrated activity nowadays. I can give you an extensive list with academic citations of the benefits of walking, however I will not bore you with the science. Still it is important to know that walking among other things is good for: Calorie Burning, Lowered Resting Heart Rate, Lowered Cholesterol & Lowering Blood Pressure.

I believe that everybody can benefit from a little bit of walking while travelling. You will do your body a great favour while simultaneously you will have more time to enjoy the sceneries. Walking is also a free activity, and therefore there is literally no excuse to not walk!

(2) Hiking

After an exhausting hike on a mountain, there is no better reward than a sunrise view from the top. I love watching the sunrise from the volcanos in Indonesia, one of my favourite activities while travelling. I have hiked many times, going up to see sunrises from viewpoints, but also many hikes through the green jungles of Asia. Trekking or Hiking brings you closer to the nature and makes you able to appreciate it more.

Hiking has the same benefits as walking, only it can be more challenging than a brisk walk. This implies that some hikes are really demanding on your cardiovascular system and therefore you burn more calories. Going for a hike is less stressful for your joints, because trails are often softer on your joints than concrete or asphalt. Do some good research before you hike and if you were inactive for several years, start with an easy hike. Don’t forget to bring some food and water with you. Bug spray and a medical kit is not an unnecessary luxury.

Hiking can be a mental as well as a physical challenge, and therefore there is no greater reward when you can enjoy the sceneries from the top of a mountain.

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