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I have visited two Muay Thai Gyms while backpacking through Thailand. Both gyms are adequate for all type of backpackers who want to experience Muay Thai.

Por Silaphai Gym, Chiang Mai (Thailand)

I have chosen to visit the Por Silaphai Gym to follow a Muay Thai Trainingscamp for a week. It has been an awesome experience to train at this Muay Thai Gym in Chiang Mai. The manager is a very kind man, with always a big smile on his face. I can say the same about the coaches. The gym recently has moved to a new location, nearby a 7-11 and places to get some foods and fruits. You will train in an open aired place, with a roof on the top, which I prefer over an air-conditioned room. They also offer accommodation nearby the gym and buffets.

At the Por Silaphai Gym they offer different Muay Thai classes. I have chosen to opt for training 2 times a day for a week long. The first training starts at 08.00 and ends at 10.00, the second training begins at 17.00 until 19.00. This means you will be training 4 hours a day, what will be a physical and mental challenge. I think I can say I am in a pretty good shape, however this week was still very hard on my body. You don’t have any time to recover. Therefore, getting some massages and good healthy food is a must.

The trainers at Silaphai Gym (Chaing Mai) put much effort in learning you the technique of Muay Thai Boxing. They are not easily satisfied, however it’s a great feeling when you finally have landed a high kick in the proper way. I can conclude from my training in this gym, that they not see you merely as someone who passes through, instead they want you to learn the skill of Thai Boxing.

Doing Muay Thai was a mental and physical challenge. Therefore I recommend everyone who likes sports to do it. However, it could also fit people that want to shed some excess fat! I did not have any experience in fighting sports, you don’t need it to enjoy Muay Thai. We had a diverse group of males and females, where some of them were experienced fighters, some intermediates and finally a few beginners like me. I thought it was a nice change during my travels, a great experience which has tought me something about one of the most popular sports in Thailand.

Muay thai gym in Chiang Mai Muay Thai gym in Chiang Mai Little boy bench pressing

Lanta Gym Muay Thai, Koh Lanta (Thailand)

I have participated in one Muay Thai class at Lanta Gym in Koh Lanta. Lanta Gym offers next to Muay Thai lessons, also accommodation and has a fitnesscenter. The gym looks quite new and includes many boxing sacks, and two fighting rings.

During the training there was a mix of skill levels, so don’t be afraid to join the classes if you never did any fight sports. The trainers are very kind and help you with the technique. They are multiple trainers that walk around when we had sack training and they give you tips and advice. This was really helpfull. In addition, you also get one on one pads training, and this is the most fun part. You don’t need to bring any equipment with you, they have enough boxing gloves. The training was hard, but satisfying. I can recommend everyone to visit a lesson, when on Koh Lanta!

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