Muay Thai

If you are looking for a real challenge while backpacking, try Muay Thai. You can participate in an important local Cultural Activity while engaging in some demanding Boxing lessons. Muay Thai is the National Sport of Thailand and is also referred to as Thai Boxing. This sport is practised for centuries in Thailand and is extremely popular! Women, men, children and the older folks all practice in this FUN activity.

In contrary to European Style Kickboxing, you are allowed to use your elbows with Thai Boxing, which makes the boxing matches a dangerous activity. Luckily, we as Fitness Backpackers, don’t participate in these matches. There are plentiful of Muay Thai Stadiums where you can watch these matches. If you are not interested in Muay Thai training, you still can experience the Thai Sport Culture while visiting a match.

You can find Muay Thai schools all around Thailand. Most of them have plenty of experience with training inexperienced travellers. I participated with negligible experience in several Muay Thai classes in Thailand. I believe that it is a great way to get fit. I have met many people that visited Thailand with the only goal to train and lose weight. Most of the Muay Thai gyms train 2 times a day, so you can imagine it’s a good way to get in shape. Most of the gyms also have boxing classes for children, it’s a good way to occupy your children while you want some private time with your spouse.


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