The Bridge to Success in Life

When I was backpacking in Asia, I have encountered many people that did not enjoy their life. Many backpackers travelled just to escape their life at home. However, there comes a moment that they have spent all their money and are obliged to go back to work. The problem here is that these people do not enjoy their work. Work is often seen as a means for making money, so we can enjoy the life besides work. Many, Many people live their life in this way and it is a depressing attitude. It is waste of our precious lifetime to do work you don’t love to do, in order to do things that leads you to some real pleasure in life. Work should be seen as something that is part of to who you are, where you can express your unique interests and skills.

The problem is that these people have chosen for a career path that does not suit them. For this reason, they come to see fulfilment and joy as something that comes from outside your work. You want your job to be something you love to do, something inspiring, work that activates your genuine interest in a particular field. Imagine the scenario, that you are excited when it is Monday and can work on the things that you are interested in. I know, this is easier said than done, but do you agree with me that it would be nice to have this feeling?

I believe that people can change their life with just taking more time for making important life decisions. Because of the pressures of society, peers & parents they follow a certain path without much thought about their own interests. They follow the path, which leads to the most wealth, or a prestigious position. I know many people that switched studies just because of this reason. Your career or study decisions should be based on your own particular interest in a certain subject that comes from deep within.

Bridge that reflects the backpackers bridge to succes

Taking myself as an example, I have always dreamed of going on a long trip to Asia. From a young age I’ve been very interested in people, other cultures and history. I knew that participating in such a journey would cost a lot of money, which implies a lot of work. I realized that I need to do work that I like to do and at the same time could learn a lot from it. For me this implied that I needed to start my own business, something I always wanted to do. After consolidating enough customers for my own enterprise, I needed a new challenge. As a person, I always had the urge to help other people out, to advise or inspire them. It’s one of the reasons that I chose to study Business, in order to advise other companies reaching their potential. Recognizing this inclination, I have applied to work as a Junior Consultant, a position that I fulfilled with much love. With these two positions I could do something else that I also liked to do; Travelling in Asia.

You see the difference? Instead of doing a study that I disliked and going to a dissatisfying job for the purpose of travelling. I have chosen for a different path, a path that brought me a lot of pleasure!

At the moment I am still following this path. I took some time off to think about my next step in life. During my studies I have visited a lot of companies, which gave me a good impression about these firms. In addition, I have talked with a lot of successful men and women who I admire in order to learn from them. Ralph Waldo Emerson said:  “Every man I meet is my superior in some way, and in that I learn from them”. I hold these words close to my heart and will never stop gathering knowledge and wisdom. Whatever career path I will choose next, I am sure it will be a deliberate decision which I would not easily regret.


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One thought on “The Bridge to Success in Life

  • March 29, 2016 at 12:19 pm

    Great and inspiring post, it seems you are a very wise person! U made me think about my current life. Success with your future career!


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